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8 Minute HTML
Beginners can learn all the html they need to know.
Course Materials
Syllabuses, assignments, and all sorts of supplemental and review materials.
Dr. Drott's Random Sampler
Software and Text aid calculating sample size and drawing a sample.
Shareware and Demos
A mixed bag of programs for text analysis, file manipulation, and more.
Carl Drott My most current work
Abstracts of papers not yet published.
My paper on web log analysis
An introduction to web logs and their meaning
Miscellaneous Wisdom
(or something else)
An oldie but goodie: "Laws" of Programming.
I continue to get False Virus Warnings so I have created a page with some links and advice.

Logo Instructions for grade school.
Selected Websites
Killing Files you Thought Were Deleted -- Tips for Visiting Hungary
M. Carl Drott Vita
More than you would ever want to know.
Programming Examples
Annotated programs help you learn programming. Complete for Pascal.
Examples for C
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