Introduces arrays
Uses special functions to handle arrays of char.

/*As you might guess, sorting is something that computers do a */ /*lot of so understanding what is happening is worth your attention. Can */ /*you understand this program? This is not easy -- try some sample */ /*values for the three variables and see if you can go through the */ /*program step by step.*/
/*Note: sorting is high to low*/ */

/*This is exactly the same as example one except have changed the variables holding the numbers to an array variable.*/

/*/*This is exactly the same as wk6ex2.c except that I have expressed the names of all variables in terms of num[1].
but my point is to show you that stuff can go on inside the brackets of the name of an array variable*/ */ /*wk6ex3.c*/
/*Here we go with arrays. This is the same sort program that we */ /*did in the previous example but using array variables. At first the */ /*names of the variables like "num[counter + 1]" will seem very */ /*strange. You may also wonder about the FOR loop inside of a FOR loop. */ /*It works but why did I do it. The answer is so that I can sort more */ /*than three numbers. See the next example. */

/*This is the same code as in example 3 except that
it will now sort any number of numbers. (you specify this in howmany) Note how I have used loops to get and print the values.*/

/*This is the previous example except that: IT DOESN'T WORK But why? I have added printf statements to see if I can find out why. I am trying to illustrate debugging, but unfortunately, your errors will be different from this one.*/

wk6ex5 is under construction

/*This is the program from wk6ex3.c modified to sort words. look closely to see what changes I have made*/

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