Convert Mac Text to PC Files

This program converts Mac text files into DOS text files. To make this useful you must have a program that lets your Mac write to DOS disks. (Examples are Access PC or PC Exchange.) OR you must have a network connection that lets you move files from a Mac to a PC.

I wrote this program to convert large batches of Pascal examples to PC format. I wanted to be able to select them all at once and just let the program run.

This program only adds a line feed to the end of each line. No other character conversions are done.

Everything that this program does can be done using Apple File Exchange which comes free with Mac system software -- EXCEPT -- this program lets you select up to 40 different files at a time to be converted and it helps you re-name them.

Hint: For fastest file selection, put all the files to be converted in one folder and have the program put the new files in the same folder.

License: This program may be distributed by anyone who wants to do so. There is no charge for it.

DISCLAIMER: Use this program at your own risk

Download the Program (12k)

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