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Carl Drott

Interesting Current Projects

Hunting 96

not interesting unless you were there.

Dr. Drott's Random Sampler

The manual and program are now available as shareware.

8 Minute HTML

Learn to write html in just eight one minute lessons. Hey, what have you got to lose?

Student/Alumnus web pages are now available

Pascal Programming Examples:

Descriptions of the annotated example programs I use to teach beginning Pascal.

Pascal Programming Rules

What you need to know about the basic Pascal commands.

I tried using Claris Works

to automatically generate HTML. . See what happened.

Class Materials

eventually all course materials will be here, indexed and everything (real soon now.) Right now it is just odd stuff.

Software Demos and Freebies

A mixed bag; demonstration versions of some of my products and little applications that I find useful.

Some Favorite Web Sites

No web page could be complete without some weird and wonderful links. You will also find links to the web pages of IST students.

Vita Details

Work experience:


Areas of special competence

Books and Software:

Abstracr of a recent article:

Articles and Papers (many more)



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