Minute One

Lesson Plan:

Part 1: Introduction to Hyper Text Mark-up Language

HTML lets us take very simple word processing documents and insert commands so that any web browser running on any kind of computer will know how to make the document look nice.

Inserting the commands is called "Marking Up" the document -- this is the same kind of thing that editors do to a manuscript to tell the printer how to set the type.

Part 2: The form of HTML commands

All HTML commands are enclosed in pointy brackets like this < >
For example: <BR>
marks where a to put a line break.
<HR> tells the browser to draw a horizontal line across the page like this:

And one important rule: Do not put spaces between the pointy brackets and the command.

Many HTML commands apply to a piece of text. These commands are used in pairs to turn the command on and then to turn it off.
For example:
<H1> Show This </H1> Turns on big print to write the heading "Show This" and then turns big print off.

Show This

<CENTER> Look Nice </CENTER> Tells the browser to center the enclosed text "Look Nice" on the next line.
Look Nice
Pop Quiz! -- What symbol do we use to show that we are turning off a command?
Hint: the answer is /

Part 3: How to "write" your first HTML page:

Note: Here I show you what a basic page looks like -- you will have to
wait until Lesson 4 (two minutes from now) to find out how to write it.

Here is your first page -- all pages will have the commands shown here. Important: the text that appears in italics like this line is commentary -- you would not type it as part of your page.

turn on html -- we turn it off at the bottom)

<TITLE> My First Page </TITLE> This will go in the title bar of the window
<BODY> This is where the page starts

Here you can write anything that you want. It will be displayed as simple text.

</BODY> end the body of the document
</HTML> turn html off

To see what this page looks like on your browser click here

REMEMBER -- use the Back button in the upper left corner of your browser to come back to this page!

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8 Minute Html by M. Carl Drott