Minute Two

Lesson Plan:

Part 1: Changing the size of text -- headings

The size of text is specified with the <H> command which stands for Heading.

<H1> Show This </H1> Heading size one is the biggest -- it looks like this:

Show This

<H2> Show This</H2> This is the next biggest leading and looks like this:

Show This

<H3> Show This </H3> A smaller heading that looks like this:

Show This

The browser automatically puts a heading on a new line and starts a new line after the heading -- you don't have to worry about this spacing. There are more heading sizes, but this is plenty for a start.

Important: Different web browsers will use different sizes and fonts. As HTML author you specify WHEN they are to use a size NOT WHAT size to use.

Part 2: Changing the shape of text

You don't need to know many commands -- but that is why this is an eight minute course.

<STRONG>Show This </STRONG> This will make the type bold like this:

Show This

<CITE> Show This </CITE > This will make the type italic like this:

Show This

<CODE>Show This </CODE> This switches to a different typeface -- generally one that looks like it came out of an old computer.

Show This

Part 3: Changing the layout of text

Strange But True: web browsers IGNORE carriage returns.

This means that you must insert a HTML command where you want a new paragraph or a line break.

<P> This marks the end of a paragraph. Some web browsers will insert a blank line before the next paragraph. You don't have to turn this off so </P> at the paragraph end is optional, but many people use it.

<BR> This causes a line break. Some web browsers ignore multiple paragraph beaks, so if you want blank lines you use <BR> <BR> . You don't turn this command off.

Are You Confused about the difference between <P> and <BR>?
Here's the answer:

Always works the same. It moves you to the start of the next line.

Depends on the web browser. BUT, if you use <P> then your paragraphs will look like those on other pages.

<CENTER> Show This </CENTER> centers the enclosed text on a new line.

Show This

Whoops: Some very old browsers don't do centered so if yours doesn't this isn't.

One Final Note: You can nest commands to get more than one done at once. So

<CENTER> <H1> Show This </H1> </CENTER > will make the text big and center it like this:

Show This

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