Books and Software

GrammarTeacher (DOS)

Manual and software (MS-DOS) 1994 (school version) and 1995(home version) Allyn & Bacon.

GrammarTeacher (Win)

GrammarTeacher (WIN)

Includes online turotial and grammar reference. 1996 (Windows Version)Allyn & Bacon.


GrammarCoach (WIN)

Grammar lessons for developmental students;with Phil Sberata. 1997 (Windows) Allyn & Bacon.

Demo Version for DOS: (36 k )

Dr. Drott's Random Sampler

The manual and program are now available as shareware.

Dr. Drott's Random Sampler

Text and software (MS-DOS and Macintosh) 1993, Libraries Unlimited.

The demo versions previously listed on this page are NOT what you want. Click here Dr. Drott's Random Sampler to get full working versions.

Measuring Student Information Use: A Guide for School Library Media Specialists

with J. C. Mancall l983, Libraries Unlimited.

Reaching Across the Curriculum

(working title)

In progress: with E. Thury

A reader across the curriculum for freshman writing courses. Includes a rhetoric and introduction to the subject areas of academic discourse. Winter 1998, Allyn & Bacon.

A new "Web Only" publication

8Minute HTML

Where beginners can learn all that they need to know to write html in eight easy one-minute lessons.

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