The Cloze Test

(free software)

A cloze test involves taking a document (or a document sample) of about 250 words and deleting every fifth word (these seem to be the canonical numbers,) leaving a blank in its place. The reader is then asked to fill in the missing words.

In technical writing we use this as a test of readability. The idea is that there should be sufficient (local) redundancy in a document to allow a reader to score in the 50-60% range. Used in this way it measures the writer not the reader.

This program asks the user to specify the deletion interval (in case you don't like every fifth word), the name of the text file to be clozed, and the name of the file in which the test is to be stored.

The program replaces words with numbered underlined spaces and generates an answer key at the end of the document.

Close Making Application for the Macintosh (12k)

Close Making Application for DOS (plain exe file) (9k) You do not need to install this program -- just double click to run it.

The program is so small that there is no point to the following file unless you are behind a firewall that prevents the download of .exe files.
Close Making Application for DOS (zipped) (6 k)

Important notes for the PC version.

Two helpful correspondents (Dina & Jeremy) suggested that the PC version needed better documentation -- here it is:

I hope this helps -- if not, email me until I get it right!

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