M. Carl Drott

My most current work:
Abstracts of papers not yet published.

Personal Knowledge, Corporate Information:
The Challenges for Competitive Intelligence


Within organizations we can distinguish between two types of information:
Corporate Information, which is seen in the structure, breadth, and
consistency of corporate databases, and Individual Knowledge which
is the job specific knowledge of many individuals. However, when we
consider the specific needs of corporate intelligence, there are strong
reasons for turning more individual knowledge into corporate information.
This paper introduces seven elements of information that can be used
to analyze the potential costs and benefits of building additional
corporate information resources. The ultimate goal is to develop corporate
information resources which support long term goals, institutionalize
information organization and distribution and are the result of
conscious management action.
Business Horizons, March-April 2001 (v44, n2) p 31-37

Indexing Aids at Corporate Websites:
The use of Robots.txt and META tags.


Sixty corporate websites selected from the Fortune Global 500 companies
were examined to see if they provided support for automatic indexing.
In particular, use of the robots.txt and Meta tags for "keywords" and
"description" were examined. Slightly fewer than half of the sites
provided one or both of these aids. Among sites providing indexing aids
there was a clear under-representation of Asian sites.
Nearly eighty percent of the sites used Java, suggesting a reasonable level
of technical sophistication among website creators. About one third of
the sites used cookies, raising the possibility that repeat visitors might
find the navigation of the site customized to their needs.
Overall and increase in the use of indexing aids, especially Meta tags,
represents one way in which web robots could index sites more quickly
and thus improve overall index coverage of the web.

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