Favorite Web Sites

Revised 01/04/01

Net.Value a guide to doing business on the web Thoughtful selection of sites -- informed discussion.

The Dilbert Zone

There is more truth in one Dilbert strip than in three management textbooks. Shamelessly commercial.

Web Sites for Technical Communicators

If you are interested in doing it right -- there are lots of sources here.

Hungarian Home Page:

A guide to all of the WWW sites in Hungary. (Many have English versions.) Did you know that the university at Debrecen has six different web sites? Did you know that there was a university at Debrecen? Did you know there was a Debrecen? (It's Hungary's second largest city.)

Information Retrieval Information Sources:

This is the home page of the Special Interest Group for Information Retrieval (SIGIR) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Many pathways to knowledge. There are also my own information retrieval materials. More about my retrieval resources

C.J.vanRijsbergen's Classic Book on Information Retrieval:

Published in 1979, this great book has been out of print for a number of years. It is required basic reading for anyone interested in information retrieval.

The Power of the Net -- The Power of Participation There are lots more out of print but important books that could be made available in electronic form. Those who make them available deserve praise from all of us.

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