Demos and Freebies


Many of the available grammar programs are little more that automatic page turners for exercise books. GrammarTeacher on the other hand integrates explanation of grammatical points, examples, and handbook access in a single hypertext environment. In addition, GrammarTeacher goes beyond merely marking an answer right or wrong by immediately explaining how the lesson applies to the specific question.

Demo Version for DOS: (36 k )

Dr. Drott's Random Sampler

The manual and program are now available as shareware.

The demo versions previously listedon this page are NOT what you want. Click on Dr. Drott's Random Sampler just above to get full working versions.

Cloze Test

Technical writers use the cloze test to test readability. More about the Cloze Test

Teaching Information Retrieval

Some programs and files that I created for teaching text information retrieval. More about retrieval resources

Convert Files to PC

I wrote this when I had to change a lot of Mac text files (Pascal examples) into PC files. More about the conversion program.

A summary of the rules for simple Pascal commands I wrote this as a handout for my students. If you know what's here, you know the command.

You might also want to look at my annotated Pascal Examples the index will help you find the right one.

You may want further information about my Books and Software:

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