Course Guidelines


Communicating With Me
Check my web page -- -- I regularly add new material.  You should also check Blackboard, but my use of this site varies greatly for different courses.
The most certain way of getting a message to me is by email. ( Be sure to put the course number in the subject line. (e.g. I101.) Also be sure your name is in the message. On a bad day I can get a lot of email; putting the course number in the subject line helps me give high priority to students. Do not send me email attachments unless I have asked for them. If you want delivery confirmation of a message, send it by U.S. Mail registered or certified. DO NOT use the "Request a Receipt" function on your email -- I will be annoyed if you do this and may choose to add your address to my spam blocking list.
All students are expected to monitor their Drexel email address on a regular basis. (You can have your Drexel mail forwarded if you so choose.) You are responsible for making sure that your email accounts are functioning properly. (i.e. it will annoy me if I send you email and it bounces.)
You can also leave phone messages on my voice mail at 215-895-2487, but this is much less certain than email.
If you want to see me and are on campus, give me a call or just stop by -- I always try to make room for students.


Due Date
Assignments are due at the start of the class for which they are assigned. Assignments are to be handed in as part of the class -- you must make arrangements with me before submitting materials in any other way or at any other time. Email assignments are not accepted unless we agree on email submission before you send it. Handing in assignments when due is a MINIMUM requirement for passing the course. Late assignments are generally accepted (but you can expect to be penalized unless you have serious and unexpected difficulty in meeting a deadline and discuss it with me).
You should expect that late papers will not be graded or returned until the end of the term. This means that, if you hand in late papers, you will not know exactly where you stand in the class at the 6th week drop limit. This applies to all late papers, no matter how late or what the reason for lateness. Assignments which are not turned in will reduce your average and may result in failure of the course.

Important: In cases where I have returned graded papers before you hand in your paper you can expect me to be much less impressed with your work.  Thus, if you must submit late, try to do so as soon as possible.

The MINIMUM grade reductions for late (or missing) papers are:

Late Papers

Reduction in Course Grade


No reduction


One Letter grade


Two letter grades


Failure of course


Examinations will be given at the times announced. Students who have unresolvable conflicts must contact me within the first week the exam is announced. Aside from that, it is the student's responsibility to avoid scheduling conflicting activities.

Unless otherwise announced, examinations begin at the start of the class or examination period in which they are scheduled. Any student who arrives for an exam after the first student taking the exam has finished and left the room will not be permitted to take the exam.

Important: SRC does not release final examination schedules until near the end of the term. Until the schedules are released you should not schedule ANY conflicting activity in exam week without the written permission of SRC.

Make-up exams will not be given. Students who must miss an exam for serious, unanticipated reasons should contact me before the examination by email.


Preparation for, and regular class attendance are required for the successful completion of the course. Students who wish to be excused from class participation on a particular day must send me email explaining their absence BEFORE the start of class. Students who miss ten percent or more of the class sessions will have their grades determined at the instructor's discretion. Students who miss 20% or more of the class sessions will fail the course. Class attendance is counted for students who arrive at or before the start of class and are present until class is dismissed. Students with special problems may come to part of a class but should not be expected to be counted as attending. Falsifying (or encouraging others to falsify) class attendance records is grounds for failure of the course.


All Graded Work
It is ultimately the student's responsibility to see that they get credit for their work.
Students must:

Retain a copy of all assignments that are handed in. If these are electronic copies, proper back-up procedures should be observed.

Retain all graded papers which are returned to them.

If interim class grades are posted, students must verify that the recorded grades match the grades on the papers.

All materials should be retained until the student receives an official course grade report at the end of the term.

How I Record Grades and Calculate Averages
For purposes of calculation I translate letter grades into a twelve point scale:
A+    12
A     11
A-    10
B+    9
B     8
B-    7
C+    6
C     5
C-    4
D+    3
D     2
D-    1
F     0
X     -3
The grade of X is used in cases where the assignment or quiz is not done.

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