A Home for Hippos

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A Home for Hippos II

A collection of hippopotamus images.

This page grows out of an on-going hippopotamus joke in my Information Retrieval class. I am serving copies of these images so as not to disrupt other servers. In all cases I have tried to give the web address at which I found the image.

You should assume that all rights to these images are the property of their respective owners. You should secure permission before making anything other than fair use of an image.

Owners: If you wish to have your ownership acknowledged in a different way, please contact me. Similarly, if you object to the presence of your image on this page I will remove it promptly. Contact me at drott@drexel.edu

The Hippopotamous described (440 B.C.)

A Hippo

Another Hippo
The original is at http://www.cpb.uokhsc.edu/okc/okczoo/rhino.html

One More Hippo

Again Hippo
The original is at http://www.cpb.uokhsc.edu/okc/okczoo/Nile1295a.JPEG

Ultimate Hippo
The original is at http://www.southwind.com/saw/images/w903.gif

The original is at http://www.animalmakers.com/INVENTORY/HIPPO.html






Sea World About Hippos

Sea World Fact Sheet




George Washington University has this thing for hippos

from a game preserve in Zambia

Lindsay King's Home Page

Romy Muirhead's light-hearted work

The Nashville Zoo

Nicole's Page

The End


you may also want to see

A Home for Hippos II

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