The Hungarian Experience

In these pages we try to capture our experience of living for a year in Budapest, and we try to share some of the things that we learned in that year. In particular this is NOT a travel guide. There are some very good guide books (discussed below) and you should buy and read some of them. Rather, this is a collection of things we learned and enjoyed that might not be so easily found in guide books

Four Tips for the Traveler--
Buy a guide book, get a good map, use public transportation, learn a little pronunciation.

Two Tours in Budapest--
Where we go when friends come to Budapest.

Shopping --
Souvenirs, Food, Restaurants, Toiletries and drugs, Other Stuff

For Children --
Being Polite, Playgrounds,

Small Adventures --
Thermals and Swimmming Pools, Read a book,
Go to the Movies--

The Index for these Pages-- Here are some of our own Hungarian links. More centered on Hungarian culture than tourism. Scroll to the bottom for some personal ones. Our Hungarian links.

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