As of March, 2006, this place appears to be closed.

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Articsoka (pronounce the "cs" as if it were "tch") is an up-scale restaurant near the center of Pest. They bill themselves as "Mediterranean Cuisine" but I would categorize them more generally as "novelle." We found the assortment of dishes interesting and the food and service very good. It is a nice change from the heavier food of typical Hungarian cooking. We don't have any particular favorites, but for dessert you should try the Madar Tej (literally "bird's milk.") This traditional Hungarian dessert is a wonderfully flavored thin custard with islands of meringue floating in it.

The crowd seems mostly celebrating Hungarians with a good representation of foreigners. You can expect to find at least one English speaking waiter. You can even phone for a reservation in English. Dinners will probably be in the $15 range.

17 Zichy Jeno ut in district 6 Take the Blue metro to Arany Janos stop (the first stop north of Deak ter.)
Cross Bajcsy Zsllinszky ut (it is the busy street that runs right next to the metro station --it runs north/south) at the nearest traffic light (a few hundred feet north) Then walk south to the corner and turn left to walk up Zichy Jeno ut. The restaurant is about two and a half blocks on the right. By the way, don't be put off by the relative narrowness of the street, we think of this as a perfectly safe neighborhood.

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