INFO 101 Introduction to Information Technology
Spring 2016 (Monday night)

Dr. M. Carl Drott
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Office: Rush Building 336
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Text: Principles of Information Systems, 12th Edition
Ralph M. Stair
George Reynolds
ISBN-13: 978-1-285-86716-8
726 Pages Hardcover

Web Page:


Grades: Your final grade will be based on your grades on homework assignments, class participation, quizzes, a midterm, and a final exam. I will adjust grades based on class attendance. Homework and quizzes carry the weight of one grading unit each, each exam and participation carry the weight of two units each. Your final grade will be calculated by multiplying each grade by its weight, adding the results, and dividing by the total number of grading units for the course.

Unannounced quizzes may be given. There are NO make-up quizzes.
There is no make-up for missing class participation. That is, if I call on you, it is expected that you are there and prepared.

(Important: The assignments on the web page are not in final form until they are assigned -- if you start an assignment early, be sure you re-check the assignment)

See the Class Procedures for more important information.

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Mar 28

Part I Information Systems in organizations

  • An Introduction to Information Systems
  • Information Systems in Organizations.

Chapter 01
Chapter 02

April 4

Part II Information Technology Environment
Hardware: processor, motherboard, input/output, storage hierarchy, sensors, power supplies, ports
Software: operating systems, other infrastructure software, middleware programming languages, and application software

Chapter 03

Chapter 04

April 11

Database: overview of databases, structure and hierarchy, relational model, storage, retrieval, manipulation, visualization

Chapter 05

Chapter 6

April 18

Networks and Telecommunications

Chapter 06

Chapter 7

April 25

Midterm (2nd half of class)


Chapter 07

May 2

Internet and the Web: basic concepts, search engines, applications and use

Chapter 07

Chapter 8

May 9

Part III Key System Applications

  • Electronic and Mobile Commerce
  • Enterprise Systems.

Chapter 08
Chapter 09

May 16

  • Information and Decision Support Systems.
  • Knowledge Management and Specialized Information

Chapter 10
Chapter 11


9 May 23


Part IV Systems Development
Systems Development: Investigation and Analysis.
Chapter 12

May 30
Memorial Day Holiday

June 6

June 6

Finals Week

Final Exam

Note: The registrar generally "forgets" to schedule a final exam for Monday night classes. We will probably have our final exam on June 6.