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Learning logo

This is an illustrated tutorial on how to use the MSW Logo (a Logo for Windows.)

MSW Logo differs in appearance from the Micro Worlds Project Builder that we used in class. This will help to get you started.


When you download the MSW Logo the file that you get is an installer. To install MSW Logo double click on the file and follow the directions.

Find the MSWL application and start it. The opening screen will look like this: (The red letters have been added to guide you)

Move the mouse to the box indicated by "Enter a Logo Command in this Box." and click the (left) button.

Then type:


and press the enter key (or the "Execute" button on the screen.) This puts the pen on the turtle down so that it will draw. Next type:

forward 40

and again press enter. The turtle will move up 40 steps. Next type the following lines with a return after each one. The screen will now look like this:

OK! The turtle moves. If you make a mistake, type:


and return to start over.

Saving and Editing Commands

Now you can drive the turtle but getting all those commands right is a pain. You may have noticed that, when you press return, the command moves up into the gray area of the Commander Window. You can see these commands and copy them but you can't change anything that is in this window.

To write code that we can edit we will use the edit window. First go to the file menu and select Edit...

The Edit Procedure Window will appear. Type a name for the piece of code you are creating. Here I have typed the name gosome. Then press the OK button.

Next the Editor Window will open.


The Editor Window works just like other text windows. That is, you can type, backspace, copy, and paste just like you do in other programs. To see this we will complete our rectangle drawing program.

Go to the Commander Window and highlight the lines of code we have written so far. Then use the copy command (hold down the "Ctrl" key and press "c".) Then paste ("Ctrl" key and press "v") the code into the Edit window.

Finally select Save and Exit from the file menu in the Editor Window. The program now knows how to do the separate commands we have written as a group. (We call a group of commands a procedure.)

To test what we have just done, type the cs command and then gosome.

Logo will draw the picture we had before.

We can write code directly into the Editor without having to test it line by line. To do this, use the File menu and select Edit... just as we did above.

This time our procedure gosome is on the list. We select it and press OK. This opens the editor window and lets us type in the rest of our rectangle making code.

We Save and Exit and then test our code by clearing the screen and entering gosome.


And there it is. I typed pu for "pen up" (this stops the turtle from drawing when it moves) and then forward 40 just to move the turtle out of the way so you could see the rectangle we drew.