The sampling program has been designed so that it can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Works and most other spreadsheets and word processors. This is the way that the steps might be performed:

1) Draw the sample. Be sure that you use the Choice Menu to specify that the sample be saved for use in other programs, item t. Let us suppose that the file is called School Sample.

2) Start Microsoft Works, select the spreadsheet icon, click in the box marked Import Text, choose the file School Sample and select open.

3) Add columns so that call number and author can be recorded. Print out the sample sheet and save the file.

4) Collect the data from the card catalogue.

5) Re-open the file in Microsoft Works. You can now enter the data from the card catalogue into the spreadsheet. At the same time you can delete the rows with sample numbers that could not be drawn.

6) Add column titles to the spreadsheet for the data to be collected and sort on the call number column to make finding the books easier.

7) Collect book data at the shelves.

8) Enter the data into the spreadsheet and analyze.


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