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Title Page

Part I: The Theory of Sampling

The Theory of Sampling
Possible Sampling Errors
Setting a Value for Variability
Setting a Value for Precision
Selecting a Value for Confidence
Other Sources of Error
The Sampling Frame
The Random Sample

Part II: Using the Program

Setting Sample Size, Precision, Confidence Limits and Variance
More About Sample Size
Selecting a Simple Numerical Sample
Choosing the Ordering of Your Sample
Selecting a Non-Numeric Sample
Special Named Categories
Selecting Samples with More than one Category
Taking Supplemental Samples
Alternate Sampling Designs
Things Not to Sample

Part III: Examples

Example 1: Sampling Work by Selecting Times
Example 2: Drawing Students from a Registrar's List
Example 3: Books from a Card Catalogue
Example 4: Books from an On-Line Catalogue
Appendix 1: Using the Program in Conjunction with Spreadsheets and Word Processors

Appendix 2 Critical Elements in Weeding An Elementary School Collection: A Random Sampling Approach
by Diane M. Oesau (43k)

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