I asked Joel Bonvicini, a Senior in IST, to identify web sites that he thought made particularly good resources for IST students who wanted to go more deeply into course-related topics.

He did such a good job that I have simply posted his work without modification.

Online Computer Magazines

Computer World

This is the #1 publication to keep up with todayís high paced computer world. This site provides you with the top stories in the computer industry, but also talks about the business issues that are also going on, such as mergers and acquisitions. This site should be a daily visit for the computer professional.





Networks For Beginners

This website covers networking basics. Topics covered include: LANís (both Ethernet and Token Ring), Protocols, Modems, Repeaters, Firewalls, Gateways, Routers and Hubs.




OSI Model

If you want to learn about the OSI Model and are having a hard time understanding how each of the seven layers interact with one another, then check out this site. It uses a simple diagram to break down the OSI Model by Networking Systems (Apple, IBM, NT, and Novell) and then give examples of applications and protocols running on each layer. By far the, this is one of the best informational web sites on the OSI Model.



Protocols Online

This site is a comprehensive review of the existing, LAN and WAN protocols and physical interfaces. Once you find the protocol that you are looking for information on, it shows the relation of that protocol to the OSI Model. This site breaks down the protocols into their respective frame format and tells you how they function.



Home Networking


Home PC Network

If you are interested in starting up a home PC network, this site can help you. From selecting the correct Ethernet wire, to determining whether you need a hub or not, this site can help you setup the most simple home network to a powerful home network.





Linux Today

You can create your own, personalized Linux newswire using content filtering featured on (YLT) Your Linux Today, which can provide you with only the information you want to hear about regarding Linux. As a member, you can post messages and receive responses from other professionals in the field that might have a better insight as to what you are trying to accomplish in Linux. This is the Linux Source for keeping up today with the one of the fastest growing Operating Systems in the world.



Linux For Beginners

If you are considering installing Linux, go to this web site. It discusses hardware and which version of Linux is for you, covers Linux commands, utilities, file structure, shell, graphical user interface and networking.



HTML Web Page Design


HTML- Interactive Tutorial

This is the best web site out there. It covers anything you need to know to create and design your web page, how to register you web page and how to get put into search engines. A must read for anyone that wants to start creating web pages of any kind.




Beginners Guide To HTML

If you are interested in learning the HTML language, in order to create your own web page, this site is great. It breaks down markup tag, formatting, linking, images, tables and even provides you with further information if you already know the basics.




Exam Cram

Thinking about getting certified. This is the website for you. They have practice questions covering numerous certification examinations and carry books for every computer certification exam. This website can answer all of your certification needs.




Job Tools


The premier job search web site for computer professionals, with thousands of high tech permanent, contract, and consulting jobs nationwide. Post your resume and receive emails daily that match your "ideal" job descriptions. This site is the best out on the Internet and with it, you can find your dream job. Actually, it will find your dream job for you, all you have to do is provide the search criteria and DICE.COM does the rest.




One of the Internetís best places to search for jobs in your field of study. You can post your resume for prospective employers and customize multiple resumes online. This site allows possible employers to look at your resume and see if your qualifications, match their job requirements. This is the biggest and best web site to post your resume on if you are looking for a job in the Information Technology field.